What is a Day Surgery Center?
A day surgery center, also known as ambulatory surgery center, is a medical facility for surgeons to carry out surgical procedures that does not require long stay in a hospital setting.
What do I have to bring on the day of surgery?
Please bring your along your Identification Card or Passport (for overseas patients) and other documents provided by your surgeon.
What are the modes of payment accepted?
We accept cash, cheque, NETS, VISA & Mastercard only.
Am I able to use my Medisave to pay for my day surgery done at Orchard Surgery Center?
Yes. We are accredited by CPF and in the list of day surgery centres where Medisave can be used.
Am I able to use my Medisave to pay for my family members day surgery bills?
Yes. Your Medisave can be used to pay for your immediate family members (spouse, children, parents & grandparents) of any nationality, except for grandparents who must be Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents.
What is the maximum amount I can use my Medisave for day surgeries?
Depending on the type of surgery, you may claim $300 (for ward charges) plus a fixed limit per table of surgical operations ranging from $250 to $2,850, subjected to CPF Board’s approval.
Will I be able to use Medisave for Colonoscopy Screening?
You must be 50 years and above to be eligible to use Medisave for colonoscopy screening.
Will I be able to use Medisave for Dental Surgeries?
Medisave can only be used for removal of wisdom tooth under normal circumstances. However, there are cases whereby Medisave is allowed for some dental surgeries under certain circumstances. For more information, please check with your surgeon or CPF Board.
What is a Medisave-approved Integrated Shield Plan?
It is a medical insurance plan which offers additional benefits, on top MediShield plan by CPF Board, which is jointly insured by private insurers.
Am I able to use my Medisave-approved Integrated Shield Plan for day surgeries?
Yes, you may use your Medisave-approved Integrated Shield Plan for day surgeries done at Orchard Surgery Center.